Professional Fall Cleanup in Greenland NH

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The Power of sending cards the easy way!!

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A recent wall and paver installation

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Mulching and Pruning tidbits….

Lawn and Landscape Tips


Mulching is a great way to beautify your landscape, but it is also very beneficial because it conserves moisture and reduces weed growth.  Typically, mulch is installed in the spring, however some may opt to have their beds re-edged and remulched in the fall with a light coat of fresh mulch.


Prune spring-flowering plants (azaleas, rhododendrons, forsythia, lilac) after they flower.  Other midsummer and late summer flowers may be pruned in the fall. 

Another practice is to prune ornamental shrubs and trees in the late fall or even winter time.  When the plant is dormant this causes less stress on the pruned area and allows for proper healing.

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How to water your lawn correctly…..really.

  • Established lawns should be watered deeply, but infrequently. Deep watering once a week encourages deeper root growth, while frequent, shallow watering produces a  limited root system.
  • When watering, make sure you moisten the top three to four inches of soil, which covers the root zone.
  • Although watering frequency depends on the type of grass, your soil, and the weather, most grasses require about one inch of water each week for healthy growth.
  • The best time to water is in the morning. This conserves water that would evaporate if you were to water later in the day, but also allows grass to dry before evening. Grass that remains wet for long periods of time is more susceptible to disease development.
  • If you’re using a movable sprinkler, let it run in one spot just until the water begins to run off the surface, then move to a different area of the lawn.
  • Monitor your underground irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure that you moisten the lawn’s entire root zone without over-watering any sections.
  • Water the lawn once grass begins to discolor and wilt. If you can’t keep the grass green, water your lawn with at least one-half inch of water every seven to 14 days, which will keep the plants alive even if they are dormant.
  • Once your lawn has turned brown and lost all color during drought dormancy, it will take several weeks of steady watering to spur regrowth from the crown area of the plants.
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Hello world!

In the days ahead it will be our goal to give you information with incredible value.  We know that many of you consider your landscape your most important concern.  Afterall, a beautifully landscaped lawn and landscape can enhance the value of your home by as much as 20%!  So enjoy our site and watch for more content every week!

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